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Traceability and simple validation
WinCC flexible and WinCC with "FDA options" provide a high degree of support to machine and plant manufacturers who must fulfill high quality requirements, both with respect to the products to be manufactured as well as to the manufacturing processes themselves. These options simplify plant validation enormously and thus provide the most convincing and comprehensive solution for the requirements of these sectors. They support the user in fulfilling high quality requirements asp specified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part 11 for the food, beverages and pharmaceutical industries.

Increased plant availability
All operator panels and Panel PCs are designed for harsh industrial use. Redundant WinCC process visualization systems ensure a high degree of plant availability during normal operation. The ProAgent process diagnostics of SIMATIC HMI supports you effectively with error locating and elimination and significantly reduces downtimes.

Distributed operator control concepts
SIMATIC HMI offers different solutions for different requirements for operator control of large machines and plants spread over extensive areas. Thus, the Sm@rtAccess option of the SIMATIC WinCC flexible visualization software, for example, allows devices such as panels, THIN CLIENTS and PCs plant-wide access via PROFINET/Ethernet to current process values and the local screen images of all involved stations.

The Sm@rtService option is used for diagnostics, maintenance and remote control of local operator stations over the Internet.
As remote operator stations, SIMATIC THIN CLIENTS make the functionality of machine-level panels available in the control room or in the office, thanks to their connection to PROFINET/Ethernet, and in the other direction, they bring SIMATIC WinCC or office or IT functionality straight to the machine.

In PC-based applications, the computing unit and the operating unit of a Panel PC 677B can be separated from each other by up to 30 m. When using PCs such as the SIMATIC Rack or Box PC, a SIMATIC Flat Panel monitor can also assume the function of the operating unit at a distance of up to 30 m.

More than just operator control and monitoring
The Multi Panels under Windows CE combine the advantages of two worlds: On the one hand, the ruggedness of an operator panel and on the other hand the flexibility typical of a PC. Apart from classical operator control and monitoring, other automation functions such as control functions can execute simultaneously. And for PC-based automation, the SIMATIC Panel PCs are available as a compact automation platform - the embedded versions being especially compact and rugged as well as maintenance-free.

All the advantages of Totally Integrated Automation
With Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), Siemens is the only supplier who offers a system-wide, integrated product and system range for automating the complete production workflow. The distinguishing feature of TIA is that it is completely integrated. The reduced number of interfaces results in very clear structures. This reduces time and costs required for engineering the automation solution and increases the availability of the plant. SIMATIC WinCC flexible, the system-wide engineering tool for the SIMATIC HMI operator panels, is part of TIA and uses the same database as STEP 7, the programming software for the SIMATIC Controllers. This saves input overhead and ensures data consistency at all times.

In conjunction with other SIMATIC components, SIMATIC HMI also supports system diagnostics and process diagnostics during normal operation. You can start STEP 7 diagnostics directly from WinCC for comprehensive error diagnostics from the circuit diagram through to the PLC program. The SIMATIC Maintenance Station visualizes the maintenance information for the automation technology of a system from the controller and network components to switchgear, protective equipment and control devices and the drives. This gives a clear overview of the status of the automation at any time.

A competent partner for automation solutions
With SIMATIC HMI, you not only get excellent products to suit your requirements, we will also support you with selecting a partner for your automation solution. In our worldwide network of Siemens Automation Solution Partners, you will find competent contact partners in your area who are always up-to-date with SIMATIC HMI technology. The Siemens-internal WinCC Competence Centers implement technology-specific products as well as customer and sector-specific solutions on the basis of WinCC. WinCC specialists are external system integrators who combine their WinCC expertise with their sector and technology know-how to create tailor-made, cost-effective solutions. Numerous products from our partners that perfectly interact with WinCC are available as WinCC Add-ons.

Investment protection is included
Our many years of experience in the automation engineering sector are to your advantage. The same applies to our global service network with its expert support. Further services, such as a software update service, training, ordering over the Internet, etc. round off what we have to offer.