Karawaci OfficePark
Ruko Pinangsia Blok M25
Lippo Karawaci Tangerang 15811
No Telp: +62 21 55778109 (Hunting), 55792773
No Fax: +62 21 55792771

Scope of Business

PT. Sapta Automation is divided into two business unit :

1. Product Marketing Division:

- Siemens Automation Product (AS)

  • Siemens Simatic PLC S5-Series
  • Siemens Simatic PLC S7-Series
  • Human Machine Interface WinCC, Window base HMI software
  • Simatic Net such as Profibus DP, Industrial Ethernet, AS Interface
  • Power Supply Up to 40 A, single Phase or Three Phase

- Siemens Standard Drive Product (SD)

  • Siemens Micromaster MM440/420/430/410 standard drive
  • Siemens Sitor Fuse for Semiconductor Device Protection
  • Siemens SINAMICS Drives G110/G120/G120D/G130/G150 for General Performance
  • Siemens SINAMICS Drives S110/S120 for High Performance

- Siemens Large Drive Product (LD)

  • Siemens AC Induction Motor with capacity 20 kw to above
  • Siemens Simoreg Master Drive
  • Siemens DC Motor

- Siemens Sensor Control (SC)

  • Low Voltage Motor, Servo Motor, AC/DC Motor, Main Spindle Motor, etc.

- Reseller for Siemens Process Instrument

  • Siemens Sipart Industrial Process Controller
  • Siemens Sitrans P Pressure Transmitter
  • Siemens Sirec Recorder

2. System Integrator Division

- Factory Automation System Design

  • Designing of New Automatic Control System for Logic Control or Sequential Control
  • Logic Controller Programming and Actuator & Sensor Installation.
  • Modification work from conventional control system to Micro Processor base control system.

- Process control system design

  • Basic Design and Detail Design for Industrial Process Control Automation
  • Plant Electrical Construction and Erection including Instrumentation Installation
  • Turn key project for Process Industrial Automation
  • tart-up and Commissioning Assistance

- Service and training

  • Simatic PLC S7 Training Program (Step-7/Step-7Micro Program for S7-200 Series and S7-300/400 Series)
  • Simatic PLC S5 Training Program (Step-5 for S5-95/100/115/135/155)
  • Siemens MicroMaster & Master Drives Training Program
  • The training facility will be provided with Simatic Programming Tool, PLC Training Kit and Manual.

- Panel design & manufacturing

  • Low Voltage Switch Board and Distribution Panel Manufacturing.
  • Automation Panel and Console Desk for Operator Station Assembling.